Everyone deserves a place to sleep.

When a shelter is at capacity, what do people do?

SeekShelter manages shelter occupancy in real-time and provides transparency to other shelters in the area.

This means if somebody turns up and the shelter is at capacity, they wouldn’t be turned away with nowhere to go. The shelter could quickly refer somebody to an alternative.

SeekShelter is coming soon.
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Flick Electric Co.

We’re really grateful for the support that SeekShelter has been receiving recently, so we’d like to do a shout-out thanks to Flick Electric Co. for featuring SeekShelter in one of their […]

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Startup of the Week

Huge thank you to Dave Moskovitz for your continuing support of SeekShelter. We were lucky enough to tap into your expertise over Startup Weekend Kāpiti, and we’re really grateful for […]

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